If you could nudge a neighbour to change a behaviour, wouldn’t you?

Nudge by Mirvac Sustainable Film Competition is our way to get people thinking, talking and learning about sustainability. Mirvac has set a goal to educate 1 million people about sustainability by 2020. It’s a big idea that relies on the potential in all of us to motivate, educate and engage and we’re looking to budding film-makers to help us spread the word.

Nudge is open to anybody who feels inspired to create a three minute film on the theme, Reimagining Resources. We’re looking for creativity and innovation, films that will make us smile or even cry, laugh out loud or want to sing along and dance. But above all, films with the power to change behaviour to create a better world.

Competition partners are aligned in the ambition to make sustainable change happen, to reduce our environmental footprint, one step at a time.

One Nudge to change the world.

Three reasons why Nudge is different

  • Nudge is a creative, inspirational way to change behaviour for a better world
  • Nudge gives film-makers a platform to take sustainability to a global audience
  • Nudge empowers people to educate others and bring communities together

Find out more about the competition.

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